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5 Things Bloggers Should Do To Increase Their Traffic On Blog

Today in this tutorial we will see the important steps that should be taken by all bloggers to increase their traffic on blog. Lets keep it simple by addressing it into 5 categories. So, the categories are listed below:

1] GOOD CONTENT : The most important reason for low traffic on blogs is that bloggers oftenly dont focus on their content. Accept that the fact only posts does’nt work for your blog to earn high revenue with high traffic. The quality of the post is more important than the number of posts. Here, quality refers to the content you write or post on ur blog should be yours own rather than copying from others website. Also, do visit the topic of : How to improve quality of Posts On Blog?

2] SEO : The most important concept that bloggers should understand is SEO. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. Firstly it depends on the content of your blog..i.e Which kind of blog to you have, an entertainment blog,or a technology related blog or an download games/movies blog. SEO implementation for different concepts of blogs is in different way.Find what is the latest topic trending in searches. Find topics trending in google trends and write a post on that topic. SEO should be white not a black hat seo, black hat means using a keyword which is not related to your post.

3] PROMOTING OUR BLOGS AND SITES : Submit your site to free website (url) submission websites. There are many free url submission websites like ping my url,free web submission & submitexpress.etc. Use this websites for free submission

4] Use of Social networking : Use facebook.com , twitter.com and many other social networking sites for promotion of your blog/website. On Facebook you can create your own FB page for your blog. A twitter account where you can share your quality posts with your followers.

5] Daily Posts On Blog : It has been seen that bloggers leave their blog if they are not getting traffic and pageviews on blog. The more continuity followed on blogs by posting will surely help to increase pageviews and blog rank. Check your blog rank on Alexa.com

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