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Bidvertiser Advertising Adnetwork Review, Bidvertiser Payment Proof

Bidvertiser Advertising Adnetwork Review, Bidvertiser Payment Proof

Today, we will review an advertising network for our bloggers named ‘Bidvertiser’. Don’t worry if you have been banned or disabled from google adsense progaramme. No Doubt there are many ad networks for bloggers (publishers) to choose and earn money, but we will today review a good ad netwok for bloggers which is ‘BIDVERTISER‘. Bidvertiser ad network will be good for CPM, CPC and also for Pop-ups & Pop-unders. Lets first see some basic concepts about ads.
Bidvertiser Advertising Adnetwork Review, Bidvertiser Payment Proof
1] What Is CPM? Are pop-ups/pop-unders ads good to earn money?

CPM is known as cost per thousand impressions. You will be paid for thousand impressions of the ad, it doesn’t matter of how much click to you get for that ad. But, before applying for CPM we would say if u have a good traffic then this will work good for you to earn. Else, trying pop-ups and pop-unders is good.

2] How much traffic do i need to get paid from Ads?

We will not say exactly how much amount of traffic you will need, but yes for bidvertiser ad network you will need a good high traffic to earn good. It’s true any advertising network will not pay as good as google adsense. But, if you have been disapproved and you have high traffic then try bidvertiser. Roughly bidvertiser pays for traffic as below. You will surely earn good money from this network if you enable pop-ups and pop-unders. Have a look at this stats.

If you have traffic like this then you will get paid really very good.
3] Bidvertiser Payment Proof, and revenue generation process?
Yes, bidvertiser is not scam because we have found that they pay for high traffic and your bidvertiser account gets money generated. You will see the earnings for high traffic and the revenue is updated only on working days by bidvertiser ad network. Have a look through this image.
So, finally we say if you have good traffic then you will earn good from your blog by applying bidvertising ads. The above image shows how good the traffic is to get paid $ 4.27 in 6 days. And its a good income if you have no google adsense.

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