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How to Center Our blogger header image?

Header speaks a lot about our blog and makes our visitors attract towards our blog.Many of us have the same common question of how can we make our blogger/blogs header image or blogs name in center to make it look more attractive than keeping it to the left side or at the one end of the blogs header.Its very easy to center the image of our blog or center the name (blogs title).Only some work is to be done inside the template option.So get started by clicking on Templates>Edit HTML.By clicking on Edit html all HTML Codes are visible to us.Please Backup your Template before making any changes to the template.So,to center the images an HTML Tag is very helpful known as the center tag and is represented by <center>.
Firstly have a look through these below images:

After clicking on Header1 you will find a code like this given below:
Just before the tag <b:section> add a center tag like this <center> and close the center tag after </b:section> as </center>
Like This image below:
Thats All..You are all Done Now. Just Save the Template by Clicking on Save Template Option.Now See the all New look of Your blogs Header title or Header Image tending at Center.

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