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How to increase pagerank of blog or websites?

Yes, today we will see how can we increase pagerank of our blog in order to increase our alexa rank of our website and also increase our blog’s traffic.By creating links on other related websites, the search engine will keep finding your web pages as it surfs  the internet. The more it finds your website, the more important it will think your site is, and the better your results will be. So how do you get lots of links to your website? Unfortunately, this is probably the hardest and most time consuming part of blogging. There are three important things to remember about your
incoming links.1. Your links must come from websites that have similar content to
2. The text in your links should contain your keywords and key
phrases, and finally,
3. The text in your links should vary from link to link. (Don’t just cut
and paste the same text every time.)Here are five ways to generate incoming links.This will help you to increase pagerank:
1. Free directories: This is the first place to start. Go to the major free directories, and submit your website. Start with dmoz.org, read all the instructions carefully and take your time to do it properly.There are some other good free directories.
2. Make a comment on a Blog. Simply find a blog that discusses something relevant to your website. Post a genuine comment, and include a link to your website. Always make your comment worth reading to avoid being seen as SPAM.
3. Write an good post. There are many websites that want fresh content for their websites. Write an article and embed a link to your website in the text and in the footer. Submit it
to a few article directories and you have a chance of your post being published on many websites, creating a number of qualified links to your website. This has the effect of improving your reputation as an authority in your field as well as
increasing your websites Page Rank.
4. Join a forum. Many forums will allow a poster to include a link to their website in their signature, so every time you post, a link to your website is created. If you try this, just join one forum to start with, and keep your posts genuine. Remember that people will read them.
5. Create a hook. This is the most difficult option and requires some creative thinking, but the truly great websites all have a reason for people to visit them. It might be a comprehensive set of articles (posts) that help people to understand your concept. It
might be a series of coupons that allow people to get discounts on other websites. Whatever it is, if it is good enough, links will generate themselves as people start talking about your website on forums, posting about it in blogs and linking to it from their websites.

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