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Learn C Programming

1] Introduction to C language.
  • What Is C Language?
  • Introduction to some basic terms in C language.
  • What are variablesconstantskeywords, in C language?
  • Inroduction to the process of compilation and execution of C programs.
  • All C language instructions.
  • Main and easy concepts to remember while handling C language.

2] Loops and statements in C programming language.

  • Loops in C : 1) while loop. 2) For loop 3) do-while loop 4) Odd loop.
  • Statements in C : 1) The break statement 2) The continue statement.
3] Inroduction to Decision control structures In C language.
  • What is If Statement in C language?
  • What is If-else statement?
  • What is Nested if-elses statement in C?
  • Concepts about different forms of ‘if statement’.
  • What are logical operators in C language?
  • What are Bitwise operators in C language?
  • What are the conditional operators in C language?
  • Using goto satements in C language.
  • Using switch in C language.
  • Overall summary of the desicion control structures basic concepts.

4] Introduction to ‘Functions & Pointers’ in C programming language.

  • What is a Function in C language?
  • What are the rules of Functions in C language?
  • Advance features Of Functions in C programming language?
  • What are Pointers in C language?
  • What is recursion in C language?
  • Introduction and recursion & stack in C programming language.
  • Intro Of Adding functions to the library in C language.
  • Conclusion and summary of functions and pointers.

5] Introduction to Data Types In C programming language.

  • What are data types in C language?
  • What is mean by classes?
  • Introduction to the ‘Storage Classes’ in C programming language.
  • Overall summary of data types in C language.

6] Introduction to Arrays in C programming language.

  • What are ‘arrays’ in C programming language.
  • What are ‘Pointers & Arrays’ in C language.
  • What are 2-Dimensional arrays in C language.
  • Using pointers in 2-Dimensional arrays.
  • Introduction of Array of pointers in C programming language.
  • What are 3-Dimensional array in C programming language?
  • Overall main concepts of arrays in C language.

7] Introduction to Preprocessors , StructuresStrings In C programming language

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