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My mission is to help online female entrepreneurs


Together we’re normalizing style as a tool for success and empowering other women to see what’s possible when you know your signature style and translate that into a closet full of go-to outfits.

feel put-together and confident, so they can

make more money

in their business.



As a consistent guest on Fox 8 and WKYC, I understand the questions a wide range of women are looking to have answered and how to engage on a larger scale.

Segments are custom made for you but common topics include:

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media segments

      Go-To Outfit Ideas
      Signature Style Tips 
      Shopping Tricks & Trends

Your Signature Style is a Success Tool
Functional Dressing: How Every Piece You Own Can Serve You
Looking like a million bucks makes you FEEL like a million bucks... and make them too!


I love helping my clients one-on-one but also thrive when sharing information in group settings.

Whether it's for your podcast, clients, or Facebook group, my goal is to leave your followers with a better understanding of the power of your wardrobe and signature style.

Common topics include:

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client love

"Megan is a DREAM TO WORK WITH! Her styling skills helped me eliminate so many pieces in my wardrobe and her organizational skills helped declutter my closet. My wardrobe is now STREAMLINED and I have access to an array of stylized outfits that I can refer to 24/7. Megan provided me VALUE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS and I couldn’t be happier."


client love

"AMAZING style! Megan helps you find what looks best on you! I LOVE the one-on-one experience!"


client love

"If you hate shopping like I do, Meg takes the STRESS OUT OF IT and makes it QUICK and EASY!" 


client love

"EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL! I would recommend The Style Foundry to anyone that needs a little advice or a complete transformation!"


client love

"Megan was a wonderful consultant who provided thoughtful ideas and EXCELLENT FASHION ADVICE as I reworked my wardrobe. I feel fully EMPOWERED to make fun and fashionable choices for my wardrobe.