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do you


Less than confident when getting dressed?

Unsure how your clothes can reinforce you as an authority?

Uncertain what you should wear in your male dominated field?

Hesitant to speak in front of a crowd due to your current style?

Like your closet is boring, outdated and predictable?

That you're missing color and personality in your outfits?

Limited on time but need to learn how to look great every day?



your wardobe,


your decision process,

and feel


in your clothes.

As your Personal stylist, my top PRIORITY IS


When we work together I know YOU. I know your closet, I know your signature style, I know your daily activities and I even know what will fit you perfectly. I transform your closet so you are excited to wear every single outfit and can take on every event, every occasion, every day with an outfit that is undeniably YOU.

My clients love how I help them re-discover their wardrobe and confidence, and how quickly they see the results. In as little as two weeks they see their ideal style come to life and can't imagine getting dressed without me. Let me do the same for YOU.

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Every package always starts with a Closet Cleanse, so we can weed out the pieces you no longer love, need, or fit (both your ideal style or current shape). This creates a solid foundation to build your wardrobe up from.

Think of me as that extra support (or validation) you need to tell you what to keep and get rid of. I'll then reorganize your closet so it's more manageable for you too.

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closet cleanse

mixing &


THIS is the SECRET SAUCE that makes your life so much easier and empowers you to walk into any room with confidence.

The Mixing + Matching process allows me to create you a streamlined and intentional wardrobe by maximizing the pieces you currently have and determining the pieces you need to finish off your looks (without adding too much back into your closet.)

During this session, I photograph and upload pictures of your clothes to your personal Virtual Closet where I create 100+ outfits from what you own. You'll see so many ways to wear what you already have for any occasion (work, everyday or even date night!) that you'll never feel hesitant when getting dressed again!

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During a personal shopping session (in-person and virtual options available), I'll help you choose versatile pieces that maximize your wardrobe, add in tasteful trends, and fill-in gaps so you have a complete closet that fits you well and that you love.

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Personal Shopping

client love

"Megan is a DREAM TO WORK WITH! Her styling skills helped me eliminate so many pieces in my wardrobe and her organizational skills helped declutter my closet. My wardrobe is now STREAMLINED and I have access to an array of stylized outfits that I can refer to 24/7. Megan provided me VALUE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS and I couldn’t be happier."


client love

"AMAZING style! Megan helps you find what looks best on you! I LOVE the one-on-one experience!"


client love

"If you hate shopping like I do, Meg takes the STRESS OUT OF IT and makes it QUICK and EASY!" 


client love

"EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL! I would recommend The Style Foundry to anyone that needs a little advice or a complete transformation!"


client love

"Megan was a wonderful consultant who provided thoughtful ideas and EXCELLENT FASHION ADVICE as I reworked my wardrobe. I feel fully EMPOWERED to make fun and fashionable choices for my wardrobe.


client love

"Megan was amazing. As a man, I can feel a little lost and overwhelmed shopping and trying on clothes. She was an EXPERT at picking out PERFECT CLOTHING COMBINATIONS that I would not have had the "eye" to figure out on my own."