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do you


Less than confident when getting dressed?

Desperate for a Signature Style that screams YOU?

Like your outfits are boring, outdated and predictable?

Constantly stressed about what to wear on camera? 

That a set of go-to outfits would transform your morning routine?



your wardobe,


your decision process,

and feel


in your clothes.

As your Personal stylist, my top PRIORITY IS


When we work together I know YOU. I know your signature style, your power colors, your daily work life and what will fit you perfectly. I transform your closet so you're excited to wear every single outfit and can take on every live, every interview, every client call, every day with an outfit that is undeniably YOU.

My clients love how I help them leverage their wardrobe to make more money in their business... and how quickly they see the results. In as little as two weeks they see their ideal style come to life, their confidence go through the roof and can't imagine getting dressed without me. Let me do the same for YOU.

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THIS is the SECRET SAUCE that not only makes your life easier and empowers you to show up anywhere with confidence but also makes you more money in your business.

Every package always starts with a deep dive to determine my client's unique Style Profile. This includes your Signature Style, Power Color Palette, Shape + Clothing Fit, and Closet Must Haves list.

Your Style Profile sets the foundation for all of our work together, now and in the future, guides us as to what should stay and go from your closet, and answers every question you might think of when shopping or getting dressed.

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style profile

mixing &


The Mixing + Matching process allows me to then implement the information found in your Style Profile into Signature Go-To Outfits.

Simply look at your virtual closet, determine what activity you have that day and pick your outfit accordingly. Whether you're going live or hopping on Zoom with a client, these outfits are both undeniably you AND help reinforce your message and goals for the day.

Once this part of the process is done- you'll never feel hesitant when getting dressed again!

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go-to outfits





Once we've laid the groundwork, matched your signature style with your messaging and business goals and then translated that into your wardrobe; our next step is upkeep and maintenance.

Whether you need daily outfit guidance or just a seasonal refresh, I'll be there to make sure your wardrobe is always up to date and reinforcing you.

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Wardrobe maintenance

client love

"Megan is a DREAM TO WORK WITH! Her styling skills helped me eliminate so many pieces in my wardrobe and her organizational skills helped declutter my closet. My wardrobe is now STREAMLINED and I have access to an array of stylized outfits that I can refer to 24/7. Megan provided me VALUE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS and I couldn’t be happier."


client love

"AMAZING style! Megan helps you find what looks best on you! I LOVE the one-on-one experience!"


client love

"If you hate shopping like I do, Meg takes the STRESS OUT OF IT and makes it QUICK and EASY!" 


client love

"EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL! I would recommend The Style Foundry to anyone that needs a little advice or a complete transformation!"


client love

"Megan was a wonderful consultant who provided thoughtful ideas and EXCELLENT FASHION ADVICE as I reworked my wardrobe. I feel fully EMPOWERED to make fun and fashionable choices for my wardrobe.