Seasonal Style




As the seasons change- it's common to look at your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed.

From the new trends, colors, styles, and change in temperature to what you already have in your closet... it's a lot to figure out!

You might even resort to buying a bunch of new pieces that are "on trend" (even though you don't love them) just because you don't know what else to do.

It's time to take the stress out of getting dressed each season.... And that's where the SEASONAL STYLE SOCIETY comes in!

Join the Society


As a member of the Seasonal Style Society you'll receive direct support with getting dressed in the given season.

The current 3 month membership (Fall) runs from September 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019.
During our time together you'll receive:

Membership Details

- Shoppable Fall Style Guide (showing not only what to buy but also how to wear the pieces 3 ways)

- Fall Trend Report- so you're up to date this season

- Exclusive Fall Pinterest Board Access that's updated throughout the season to provide additional inspiration and guidance

- 3 Live Masterclasses (and the recordings in case you miss them)

- 3 Live Q+A Sessions (and the recordings in case you miss them) to get your specific style questions answered

- Access to the Seasonal Style Society Community so you can learn from other busy business women's questions and get yours answered too!

- Members also receive an exclusive discount on my 60-minute Style Consultations in case you need a little personalized help!

- How to Transition Your Closet from Summer to Fall (including what you should keep and get rid of!)

- How to Layer and Other Fall Styling Tips

- Extending Your Fall Wardrobe into the Winter

client love

"Megan is a DREAM TO WORK WITH! Her styling skills helped me eliminate so many pieces in my wardrobe and her organizational skills helped declutter my closet. My wardrobe is now STREAMLINED and I have access to an array of stylized outfits that I can refer to 24/7. Megan provided me VALUE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS and I couldn’t be happier."


client love

"AMAZING style! Megan helps you find what looks best on you! I LOVE the one-on-one experience!"


client love

"If you hate shopping like I do, Meg takes the STRESS OUT OF IT and makes it QUICK and EASY!" 


client love

"EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL! I would recommend The Style Foundry to anyone that needs a little advice or a complete transformation!"


client love

"Megan was a wonderful consultant who provided thoughtful ideas and EXCELLENT FASHION ADVICE as I reworked my wardrobe. I feel fully EMPOWERED to make fun and fashionable choices for my wardrobe.


client love

"Megan was amazing. As a man, I can feel a little lost and overwhelmed shopping and trying on clothes. She was an EXPERT at picking out PERFECT CLOTHING COMBINATIONS that I would not have had the "eye" to figure out on my own."