Often times people come to me and just need a few questions answered. They need to know specifics like:

- What's my style?
- What should I wear this season?
- What should stay and go from my wardrobe?
- Or how do I make date night outfits?

All they're looking for is an expert they trust to give them a road map to their solutions... and that's exactly what a Style Consultation can offer you.



Before our 60 minute call, you'll fill out a survey sharing:
1. What you want to learn
2. What you're struggling with
3. What your goals are with the session

I'll then do some prep work to answer your questions and create a road map before your consultation. On our call we'll go through the plan I've made for you and you can ask any additional questions that are on your mind.

It's the perfect option if you want help with your wardrobe without my one-on-one services and time.

Sound like the right fit for you?

Consultation Details

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client love

"Megan is a DREAM TO WORK WITH! Her styling skills helped me eliminate so many pieces in my wardrobe and her organizational skills helped declutter my closet. My wardrobe is now STREAMLINED and I have access to an array of stylized outfits that I can refer to 24/7. Megan provided me VALUE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS and I couldn’t be happier."


client love

"AMAZING style! Megan helps you find what looks best on you! I LOVE the one-on-one experience!"


client love

"If you hate shopping like I do, Meg takes the STRESS OUT OF IT and makes it QUICK and EASY!" 


client love

"EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and HELPFUL! I would recommend The Style Foundry to anyone that needs a little advice or a complete transformation!"


client love

"Megan was a wonderful consultant who provided thoughtful ideas and EXCELLENT FASHION ADVICE as I reworked my wardrobe. I feel fully EMPOWERED to make fun and fashionable choices for my wardrobe.


client love

"Megan was amazing. As a man, I can feel a little lost and overwhelmed shopping and trying on clothes. She was an EXPERT at picking out PERFECT CLOTHING COMBINATIONS that I would not have had the "eye" to figure out on my own."