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What Search Engines Like? An SEO Tutorial.

Today, its important to discuss what actually search engines like, so as a blogger you would take preliminary steps to make your website/blog  get indexed and increase traffic. Your website contains many images, highly coded CSS & Javascript which should also be treated with more simple texts. This will help robots and spiders to index your webpages and bring those links in google searches.


A sitemap is a page that links to every single other page of your website. This is a good way to
make sure that robots won’t miss a single thing in your websites content. It helps robots to crawl your webpages.

Description and keywords meta-tags:

Meta Tags are the hidden HTML tags in your blogger templates that help to express your content to the robots. The Content is hidden and is only visible by search engines.Meta Tags are very useful for the indexation process. The webpages created by you should be indexed by the spiders of search engines.
But, there are some sections in your website (private) that you wished should be kept private from search engines. For this you can add robots.txt file in ‘www’ folder.

Regular Good Content :

Search engine like to index webpages and blogs posts which are updated regularly and are full of links in.
Search engine like to index websites that provide relevant information to visitors. If your website is
commercial, it could be a good idea to add a section with informative content about your line of work.

Well thought page titles:

There is nothing good  than a good title like ‘Welcome to our website’ or a ‘Main Page’ or a ‘Home Page’. Page titles should be as descriptive and related to the content. The title matters the most, it should contain good keywords and should express the post’s content.

Quality back links:

It is crucial to make sure that relevant websites are linking to your site. To make your blogs posts superior more websites should link in the post from outside. Its also called as external linking process.These websites
ideally be dealing with the same content or any other content like your website. Blogs can also help you by linking in your posts and making your blogs posts superior.

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